by Theo

Hey,  I am Theo.

In the last 9 years I have traveled to more than 60 countries while always on the look out for the next thrilling adventure. 
Welcome to my travel blog! Here I want to share all those moments with you and give valuable tips on how you can craft your dream trips too. 
 If you are rather new to traveling or looking for the craziest thing to do, you certainly have come to the right place.
Traveling is my absolute passion. Almost always as remote and adventurous as it can get. Throw in some good street food and  friendly locals for good measure, because that is all a great trip needs.
I have lived/worked in Germany, Poland, the USA, Thailand, Kenya and the United Arab Emirates. Right now I call Abu Dhabi my home where I started working in February 2017 as an Air Traffic Controller. So in a way I am crafting trips for people every day, at least the flying part. I love crafting my own trips and want to help you do the same. Hence the name ‘Tripcrafting’
In Thailand and Kenya I was working in schools and development projects. The experiences were life changing and from then onward it has been a constant focus in my travels. 
Hopefully with time as the database grows I can offer you opportunities to volunteer too. Without the usual outrageous fees.
Feel free to say hi – theo@tripcrafting.com  – or subscribe to my newsletter below.
I am looking forward to take the time and help you with your personal trip to wherever it might take you.
Be brave